Santa Cruz City Schools

Mission Hill Middle School

Mission Hill is a grand, historic school just above Downtown Santa Cruz. Between a busy thoroughfare and quiet neighborhoods, Million Hill is built for a lot of walking/biking access. A keystone project of the last Bond was the new turf field at Mission Hill, which is built with sustainable materials and includes a state-of-the-art water drainage and retention system to help lead water stewardship in the area. Mission Hill also enjoyed a rebuilt school entrance and a replacement of its historic roofs. Being an historic school, however, means Mission Hill has many pressing modernization and infrastructure needs in order to continue to maintain a wonderful learning environment that adheres to the “Mission Hill Maverick Essentials” of Responsibility, Collaboration, Innovation, Perseverance, and Integrity.

As we work to improve all classroom environments, Santa Cruz City Schools is committed to sustainability and moving toward our goal of Net Zero emissions campuses. All modernization projects included in the Facility Master Plan Update shall include the following sustainability components:


245 King St. Santa Cruz, CA 95060-3411


Enrollment: 570




79,703 SF


6.097 Acres

  • LED lighting to replace inefficient fluorescent
  • dual pane windows to replace older single pane
  • new high efficiency HVAC systems with increased outside air intake and CO2 detection
  • responsible roofing to reduce heating and cooling energy and to reduce radiant heat
  • increased insulation
  • use of locally sourced and recycled materials.
  • added solar structures where possible
  • Safety

Within the Facility Master Plan Update, safety and security improvements have been evaluated and the following components have been included for future implementation

  • security fencing and gates
  • supervised campus entries 
  • site visibility
  • door hardware & remote, smart locking systems
  • window treatments 
  • a robust security camera system for each school

Future Projects

Interactive site plan for upcoming projects


Projects related to this campus.