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The Master Plan Process Overview
Facilities Master Planning Update

Santa Cruz City Schools utilize the Facility Master Plan Update (FMPU) process to assess each District facility in order to identify immediate and future needs that impact the learning environments at each campus and develop a plan to address them. The District facilities master plan was originally developed in 2016. It has been refreshed to reflect changes in external conditions, such as construction costs and funding, as well as District completion of projects. The master plan is a “living document” and is used as a continuous roadmap for long-term stewardship of District facilities.

Santa Cruz City Schools is committed to being good stewards of our environment and moving closer to becoming a Net Zero emissions district. In the development of the Facility Master Plan Update and in all projects at district school sites, sustainability is always a focus. The projects that have been completed, or are in progress, from Measures A and B have included permeable pavement, rain harvesting, bio-swales and various energy efficiency electrical, lighting and HVAC systems.

The commitment to sustainability will continue for future projects identified in the Facility Master Plan Update. Modernizations and renovations at every site going forward are set to include: 

  • LED lighting to replace inefficient fluorescent
  • dual pane windows to replace older single pane
  • new high efficiency HVAC systems with increased outside air intake and CO2 detection
  •  new roofing
  • increased insulation
  • use of locally sourced and recycled materials
  • permeable pavement
  • drought resistant landscape
  • water efficient irrigation systems. 
  • added solar structures where possible
The FMPU is:

A roadmap forward forming guidelines for facilities decisions both on existing and future sites including schools, support centers,
undeveloped parcels and any necessary future modifications to support pre-K instruction

A District-wide facilities perspective taking into consideration instructional, technological, demographic, and facility upkeep goals in consideration of buildings, grounds, technology, furniture, and equipment

A budgeting tool for facility improvement related decisions

Easy to edit, adapt, and change

The Master Plan Process

The development of a Facility Master Plan Update is a multi-phase initiative which includes a review of documentation and records related to existing campuses as well as historical construction and modernization efforts to date; a physical assessment of existing conditions; current space utilization; capacity, and future projections; a thorough understanding of educational programs and program-related needs from a District, site and community perspective; as well as current and future grade-specific and site-specific needs.

Facility Needs Assessments

Facility condition assessments were conducted by a multi-disciplinary team of architects, engineers and consultants. The physical site walks encompassed a building-by-building system examination of existing conditions on the school site. This includes interiors, exteriors, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, technology and site / civil elements of each campus.

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